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Started in 2007, Ayurwin Pharma kept on moving ahead with the technology, expertise, R&D and today our products are sold in over 1 lac medical stores in India. With our state-of-the-art certified manufacturing and packaging plant in Bangalore. Our flagship products Nutrislim Plus and Nutrigain Plus have already won the trust among millions of users who benefited and enjoying the results. Soon you will see the range of consumer and health care products on the shelves of medical and general stores from Ayurwin.

Weight Loss and Weight Gain At Home


The only reason behind our growth is the strong focus for the better quality


Change your lifestyle with the best products from Ayurwin for memory boost, body stamina, healthy weight loss and weight gain in a click of the button below. A natural solution available within your reach, so stop worrying and start building the healthy style of living.


The R&D team of Ayurwin is working extensively on the range of Nutritional and health products, for Weight Management, fitness and Wellness.


You should hear one of the great international trainers Tony Robbins, who says you just don't have to dream of health, good body and good life, you certainly can get it too. The thing that is stopping you is the story you told to yourself that it is difficult, it is rocket science, it needs lot of time and money. Stop that story and start slimming today, there is no other possibility than you loosing weight and becoming slim and attractive.

Nutrigain helps you to gain weight naturally at-home

Nutrigain Plus

Nutrigain is an Ayurvedic medicine it  helps the individual to increase weight by improving metabolic rate to give more energy naturally from the food one consumes, Thereby to increase the bulk weight of the body without any side effects.

NutriSlim Plus

Nutrislim ayurvedic medicine for weight loss it is an Ayurvedic Food Supplement and hence, it is 100% natural and safe with no side effects. It mainly burns the excess fat in the body. It’s an herbal medicine that helps the individual to maintain fitness and body figure by naturally shaping out the extra weight. They are solutions for cutting out different types of extra cholesterol level in the body.

Weight Loss Naturally

Upcoming products

Ayurwin provides consumers with potential products for ideal health care and energy generation. We constantly improvise the Ayurvedic natural solutions with herb experts and health professionals.

Nutrislim Cornflakes

Slimming is not about heavy workout in the gym for hours, we recommend workout as per your liking and capacity even if you are perfect. However for overweight people the foremost important thing is keeping a check on healthy diet.

We have made that easier - and lovable, presenting Nutrislim Cornflakes, with apple flavour, that tastes irresistible and the effect you will amaze to see.

We have added Garcinia extracts, the most trusted slimming ingredient in the world. This will help in many ways to reduce the intake of calories and loose weight.

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