10 Best Ways to Achieve Weight Loss at Home

Weight loss at home is tough to achieve especially if you are juggling a career, home, husband, children, relatives and friends. For many of us, sliming is a mirage and exercise and healthy food are in fact indulgences. But it need not be true. Weight loss can be fun and you can try many things to keep the flab off


You can make weight loss fun by,

Doing it together with friends and family

Two is company, three is fun and a group is awesome. The more people are there in your journey there is less chance of you falling off the wagon. Get you partner, spouse, friends and other like-minded individuals who would encourage each other and keep you company to have fun with weight loss and exercise. You can swap recipes, go on treks, travel and enjoy cooking while keeping the fat off.

Try keeping a blog

A personal online journal which would chronicle your weight loss journey would help you keep up with your goals. Who knows, if you get popular, you may have a worldwide audience, get a book deal or fatten purse while slimming down

Fill your fridge with healthy food

Do not stock things you cannot eat. Keep away from chips, processed food and colas while shopping.

This would help you get rich and lose weight. Fill up with fruits, vegetables and health food which would leave no space for the junk.

Get small spoons

Use small spoons while eating your food and in your sugar, salt and pickle jars. This would help in controlling the portions that go in to your mouth.

Keep away stress

Stress is a makes you binge. Meditate, practice yoga or just count till 10 before you lose control and this would help in weight loss. Stress is connected with emotional eating which is difficult to control than hunger.

Indulge yourself sometimes

Do not completely keep away from your favorite things. Have a chocolate cake or biriyani and do not feel guilty about it. It is not food that is your enemy, but your metabolism.

Get a jeans two size smaller

Get a pair of skinny jeans and hang it in your closet so that you can see it every day. This would give you a goal to reach.

Play with your children

Go to the park; hang on the monkey bars, throw a Frisbee or just horse around to keep yourself fit and on your toes

Get a pet

For those who love animals, a pet will help you lose weight. It would give you emotional stability; remove your stress and give you chance to get out.

Read, Read, Read

Get your daily dose of cosmo, blogs and frequent the information highway to find recipes, meet people and keep abreast of all things related to weight loss

Your weight loss journey is exclusively yours only. It is important not to compare your body with a celebrity or even your friends. Be happy with yourself and your victories. This would give you everlasting weight loss.

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