Inspiring Bollywood Weight Loss diets

Bollywood celebrity transformation from size 22 to size zero are a staple in the news along with their tucks, nips and lip jobs. Most of them transform themselves from ugly ducklings to super fit swans through sheer hard work and all denying weight loss diets. But the work pays off as they flaunt their flawless bikini bods to become the heat throbs of the nation.

Sonakshi Sinha and her weight loss journey

Top of the list is Sonakshi Sinha, whose weighty issues were quite heavy even for Bollywood standards. The spitfire daughter of Shatrughan Sinha went on a punishing weight loss diet and workout schedule to drop a whopping 50 kilos to become Salman’s Rajjo in Dabang.Sonakshi still struggles with her weight but has hit out against fat shaming through her twitter and Facebook.

Katrina Kaif has turned stunning with her weight loss

Our own Chikni Chamel, Katrina Kaif was quite chubby during her struggling days. You can see for yourself by sitting through her début film “Boom” if you dare. Katrina revamped her body and struck gold at the box office with her sizzling abs and dance moves.

Sonam Kapoor lost weight through diet and exercise

Before her Cannes Catwalk, Sonam Kapoor was a fat girl in campus. Topping the scales at 90 kgs, the 5’8”, head turner could never dream of getting in to those designer clothes she sports today. Sonam went through a gruelling weight loss diet in the company of dad, Anil Kapoor. Today she is the darling of designers and brands for her polished walk on the red carpet.

Aishwarya Rai with post pregnancy weight loss

Miss World Aishwarya Rai ballooned to a whopping 80 kgs during her pregnancy and took her own time to shave off the post pregnancy fat. But Aishwarya trimmed down to her old self with a diet of Lauki juice, power yoga and cardio. With a personal trainer who monitored her weight loss , the yummy mummy frequents the red carpet with a super fit body.

Kareena credits her weight loss with Power yoga

Kareena was from the Khata Peeta Kapoor Khandan who loved her curves and love handles. But the Begum of Pataudi transformed herself to a size zero waif for Tashan and has been the ruling the marquee since then. She credits her weight loss to the strict vegetarian diet and 100 rounds of Surya Namaskars in the morning.

Vidhya’s weight loss is through a natural vegetarian diet.

The curvy Ooh La La girl has vowed the masses with her acting chops, but Vidya Balan was always torn down for her weight. But she has emerged stronger, slimmer and smarter to win the Padma Bhushan and other accolades ever since. Her secret weight loss diet plan, Green Tea.

Zarine Khan’s weight loss

Nothing matches the transformation of Zarine Khan who went from the middle class behenji to model class item girl. Now only her acting needs notice. Her weight loss diet was approved by Salman Khan, himself

Arjun-kapoor’s six pack and weight loss has been inspiring

The boys of Bollywood are also not far behind,The top spot for going from “Fubu to Fit” should go to the “Chokra Jawan Re,” star Arjun Kapoor. From a rotund 130 kgs to six pack abs, this cool dude Kapoor has become a sensation with his intense looks and films. His weight loss diet plans also had Salman Khan’s blessing.

Adnan Sami’s weight loss was aided by surgery

Another notable weight loss news story is Adnan Sami, who went from flabby 160 kgs to a trim 65. He went through painful Bariatric surgery to get through weight loss.

Karan Johar’s chubby old self

Karan Johar also was a chubby kid bullied by his star kid peers. But Johar lost weight and gained a new life as a hot shot director and fashion icon. Karan Johar recently made his acting début as the swashbuckling Khambhatta of Bombay Velvet.

From Fit to Fab, Bollywood style divas rule the red carpet. Slimming can be a precursor for success.

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