Potatoes is Equal to Sugar is Equal to Fat

Potatoes are the most commonly eaten vegetable in the planet. The starchy, tuberous Solanum tuberosum is a staple for many cultures and to be fair not many of us can keep our hands off it. But when you are counting calories, it may be self-defeating to tuck in that Dum Aloo or French fries. It is time to rethink the potato rich diet to include more figure friendly veggies and fruits. There are many reasons that makes me rethink the potato in-your-diet stance

Potatoes deliver a large payload of calories:

Every 100 gms of potato can give you 77 calories which are rich in carbs. This is instantly converted to sugar and then goes directly to your adipose tissue. These starchy tubers are high in starch and should be a strict no-no if you are dieting.

Potatoes can be the ultimate sin food:

You never eat potatoes in isolation. It is mashed, mixed with cream, fried in oil, stuffed in white bread or coated with butter which further increases its ability to deliver fat. You can never be on the right side of your weighing scale if you are a potato fan.

Potatoes spike your glucose levels in blood:

Potatoes are about 92% rich in carbohydrates and this makes them rank high in the glycemic index. Potatoes rank closer to 87 on the glycemic index and can elevate your blood sugar rapidly.

For a daily diet plan you need just 300 grams of carbohydrates and a 100 gm potato would deliver almost 30 gms of carbohydrates. For a regular Joe who has a desk job a daily diet of potato fries can add much fat to his waist line. Potatoes were part of our rural life style which involved physically demanding strenuous activities. But in the 21st century, a potato would be the ultimate fat vessel which needs to be avoided at all costs.

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