Sugar Free Diet by Cutting Sugar in the Tea and Coffee

We all struggle with our weight and diligently follow low cab, low fat, vegan, paleo, liquid diets and also frantic gym sessions only to find fat stubbornly clinging to us. Research points out that sugar consumption is a major culprit preventing weight loss and it reaches our body with our daily cuppa of coffee or tea. All our processed food, cakes, breads, jams, jellies and even the diet juices come laden with sugar and gets instantly converted to fat.

I decided to test this theory of reducing my sugar intake by cutting down sugar in my daily coffee. I did have to cut down my mid-afternoon coffee boost which did cause certain withdrawal symptoms like dizziness, sleepiness and severe cravings. But it disappeared within few days and I felt really good. For my early morning cuppa, I completely took out sugar. I totally hated it, but kept at it.

I have also adopted some tricks to keep me off sugar cravings. First thing I did was to reduce the size of the spoon in my sugar bowl. I put in the smallest spoon pinched from my daughter’s kitchen set which hardly held a gram. This reduced the sugar load in my coffee and also for other things. Another trick is to keep a sugar free coffee or tea for two weeks and then add a spoon. After suffering a sugar free week, a sudden burst of sweetness made me happy and I have kept at it hence forth.

In the last two weeks I lost over 5 kgs and feel less bloated. Sugar free diet has cut down my coffee intake which has helped my water intake. I feel less bloated and have better complexion. My friends report that I am less irritable and better looking. With less coffee I sneak in less biscuits or cakes and this has further helped in my quest against fat.


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