Understand Fat and Muscles

Often people talk about turning fat into muscles and muscles into fat. It is just a myth. Fat is a different substance and Muscle is a different substance in our body, something like our saliva and blood, these are two different fluids in the body with absolutely different functionalities. Similarly fat has different purpose and muscles have different purpose.

Every one of us have both, muscles and fat, even a sumo wrestler has a good amount of muscles underneath the fat layers. And a professional bodybuilder has some fat in his body. The difference is that the Sumo allows built up of lots of fat, and the body builder does not allow any fat to grow.

Fat generally comes from Carbohydrates, like sugar, bottled soft drinks, rice, oil, butter etc. The muscles come from Protein, e.g. chicken, meat, soya, lentils, egg white, milk and milk products etc.

We get the energy from Carbohydrates, energy to walk, to talk, to speak to work and even we need it for the organs to function, like heart, lungs etc etc. But when we consume more carbohydrates than our requirement it gets stored in the form of fat. Initially when people start gaining weight they do not realise that they are becoming fat, because the body fat first starts getting accumulated on the internal organs. This is not visible from outside.

For the experts it is all about balancing the fat and muscles ratio for the clients. Look at the film actors, sometimes they need lean body, sometimes hardcore muscles, and sometimes

You can stay slim without any workout, by controlling your diet; more protein and less carbohydrates. The Cardio exercise like walking, running, cycling, swimming, aerobics, and dance etc, helps burning the existing fat already accumulated inside the body. The heavy workout will build muscles, and will give the muscles the desired shape.

The confusion among the obese or overweight people is that they start doing cardio but for months they do not see a big difference in weight. Remember, a kilometer of walk will reduce your weight not by more than few milligrams of fat. This is where a good trainer can achieve miracle. If you work out alone you will not push limits, a trainer can force you or motivate you to push your own limit and burn a good amount of fat. A comfortable workout is not a real workout, it might be a good workout to stay healthy but not for weight loss.

You burn fat with the workout, but please note you can also burn muscles in the process, which is destructive, therefore you should start the workout under supervision of a good trainer at least in the beginning.

Balance the Carbohydrates v/s Protein

Diet for weight loss is considered as fasting and torturing by many – but in reality diet for slimming is nothing but balancing the Carbohydrates v/s Proteins. You can also call it sacrifice, sacrifice of deep fried samosas, kebabs, oily biryani, mouthwatering pizzas and burgers, jaleby, ladoos etc. Well there is no shortcuts to this, Good sexy looks, Good health, Good stamina v/s tasty burger – choice is yours.


You may have to give up the taste, but you also can develop your taste buds to the different one, remember, anyone who tasted the beer or whisky for the first time – he or she definitely for 100% did not like it. It was never likable but people develop a special taste and liking for it. Similarly you can develop your taste buds for fruits, milk, un-fried meat or chicken, sugar less tea/coffee etc.

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